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Know About Us

"First impression is the last impression" – someone has said it completely right! Looks and orientation matters a lot. An empty space can look equally tempting if it can be customised properly with solid techniques and refreshing and innovative ideas. Contrasting and highlighting accordingly can make it flawless. Interior designing and space management has become an important issue in our daily life stream, since most of the official as well as domestic areas are now preferring an eye-soothing looks first. And that’s why Realtouch is here, with their expert team of designer, having witnessed over 20 years of fluctuations in the field of interior designing.


RealTouch is a group of expert interior designer and space managers, who are trustworthy, professional in handling business and other terms, and punctual in their tasks. Their fame lay not in their name, but in their dignity they had successfully held in the past 20 years in the field of interior and furniture designing. RealTouch interprets the space, merges the customer desires and wiping out the filthiness, imparts the interior with a bloom of aesthetical sense. They are expert in playing with colour-contrast-mind. They know what it takes to make an art out of an utilisable space. We don’t comprise with the quality of human experience while enhancing the needs of our customers.


There are plenty of designer firms out there, so there should be plenty of strong reasons to support us right? So let’s have a tour over the positive sides of us, which would drive you more towards our services:

1) 5-Years of experience; experience matters and trust is slowly and firmly built overtime. Thus we are on frontfoot, since our dignity and quality and expertise over designing has been built over wide span of time.

2) Exclusive Partnership; We believe that, greater achievement is never possible without greater support, which led us to have well-supportive partnership with us.

3) Innovative Designers; RealTouch never compromises with work. We are strongly adhered to our principal of serving our customers the best in lieu of their money. That’s why we have stuffed our team with innovative designers in every nuke and corner.

4) Best Quality Products; to provide the best space-revamping to our customers, we at RealTouch employ quality products to our aid. Best quality paints and colours, fine designing products are used always which reflects the class and specificity of the customers too.

5) 24/7 Online Support; there is no specific time when you need us, may be urgently too. You should not feel embarrassed anytime to contact us on call or email. We are there to serve you all the day round for all the days of the week.

We are Professional

We take pride in designing spaces and furniture that respond to the needs, value, and contexts of the people who occupy them. We are source of new design ideas for positive spaces. Our work reflects imagination and intelligence, creating exceptional solutions for our clients that enhance the quality of the human experience and the build environment

We are Expert

We at "Real Touch interiors" do work in team. We have very flexible services and clients can choose the level of involvement they wish to have their on projects and how much they would like us to provide.

We are Trusted

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